Index of exceptions

Assert_failure [Stdlib]

Exception raised when an assertion fails.

Bad [Arg]

Functions in spec or anon_fun can raise Arg.Bad with an error message to reject invalid arguments.

Break [Sys]

Exception raised on interactive interrupt if Sys.catch_break is on.

Division_by_zero [Stdlib]

Exception raised by division and remainder operations when their second argument is null.

Empty [Stack]

Raised when Stack.pop or is applied to an empty stack.

Empty [Queue]

Raised when Queue.take or Queue.peek is applied to an empty queue.

End_of_file [Stdlib]

Exception raised by input functions to signal that the end of file has been reached.

Error [Stream]

Raised by parsers when the first component of a stream pattern is accepted, but one of the following components is rejected.

Exit [Stdlib]

The Exit exception is not raised by any library function.

Failure [Stream]

Raised by parsers when none of the first components of the stream patterns is accepted.

Failure [Stdlib]

Exception raised by library functions to signal that they are undefined on the given arguments.

Graphic_failure [Graphics]

Raised by the functions below when they encounter an error.

Help [Arg]

Raised by Arg.parse_argv when the user asks for help.

Invalid_argument [Stdlib]

Exception raised by library functions to signal that the given arguments do not make sense.

Match_failure [Stdlib]

Exception raised when none of the cases of a pattern-matching apply.

Not_found [Stdlib]

Exception raised by search functions when the desired object could not be found.

Out_of_memory [Stdlib]

Exception raised by the garbage collector when there is insufficient memory to complete the computation.

Parse_error [Parsing]

Raised when a parser encounters a syntax error.

Stack_overflow [Stdlib]

Exception raised by the bytecode interpreter when the evaluation stack reaches its maximal size.

Sys_blocked_io [Stdlib]

A special case of Sys_error raised when no I/O is possible on a non-blocking I/O channel.

Sys_error [Stdlib]

Exception raised by the input/output functions to report an operating system error.

Undefined [Lazy]
Undefined_recursive_module [Stdlib]
Unix_error [Unix]

Raised by the system calls below when an error is encountered.