Reactive Asco

Antescofo is a software for composition and performance of realtime computer music. It is composed of a coupled score follower and specification language for composition and performance of mixed live electronics pieces. The language of Antescofo allows flexible writing of time and interaction in computer music.

The system works in interaction with Max/MSP, a programming environment for musical application. During the performance, the listening machine decodes in real time the position in the score and the tempo (execution speed) of the musicians. The sequencer uses these informations to send control messages to Max/MSP. Then Max/MSP uses these messages to control complex sound synthesis, manage light etc.

This project aims to embed a kernel of the language of Antescofo (the sequencer part) in a ML based reactive synchronous language: ReactiveML. You can find here the EMSOFT'13 paper which describes the semantics of the language and the details of the embedding, the FARM'13 paper and the video of the associated talk which details some practical applications of this embedding, video demonstrations and the source code of our application.