You can find here video demos of some applications of Reactive Asco. The code corresponding to the examples is available here.

Our application works in interaction with Max/MSP via UDP sockets. Max send the output of the listening machine to our sequencer. Then the sequencer uses these information to send control messages in turn to Max/MSP. Here, the sequencer controls a simple MIDI synthesizer.

The Max/MSP application used in the demos is the following:


This first video introduces the operation of our application with a very simple example: a french folk song called "Au clair de la lune".


Piano Phase

Piano Phase is a piece written in 1967 by the minimalist composer Steve Reich. In this piece, two pianist alternate between two modes of execution: synchronization and desynchronization.

The interface used for this demo is the following:

  • Synchronization:
    • green flashes indicate that the first pianist is playing the first note of the sequence.
  • Desynchronization:
    • red flashes indicate that the first pianist is playing the first note.
    • blue flashes indicate that the second pianist is playing the kth note (first 1 then 2 then 3...).


Live Coding

In this demo, we create, correct and modify an accompaniment during the execution of a song: The house of the rising sun. Here, the instrumental part is simulated with Max/MSP, but try to imagine that it is a real musician in a live concert...

(You can increase the video quality if you have trouble to read the code)


Mixed Music in ReactiveML

A talk given by Guillaume Baudart at the workshop "Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design" (FARM'13), about programming mixed music in ReactiveML.

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